Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 4: Chapter 2 part 1

It’s been a while, but here’s a new chapter. It was supposed to come out faster, but job searching and interviews are taking a toll on time. I’ll be going back to do the afterword for Volume 3 some other time. Also, you may notice that there’s a placeholder for images. I currently don’t have a great way to get images in as I only have a hardcopy and not a digital one. If anyone can find digital versions or have a way for me to easily get high quality images of the hard copy version please let me know.

>> Volume 4 Chapter 2 part 1 <<

Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 3: Chapter 14 Part 3

Here’s the last part of the last chapter in this arc. There’s still one more chapter in this volume that previews the next arc. The style in which names are written once again switches back to the same way it was written in the first arc. The next chapter that will be posted will be labeled as the first chapter of volume 3, as that’s how it is labelled in the light novel itself. It is, however, the last chapter shows up in the volume as it is only there as an indicator that the next arc has started.

>> Volume 3 Chapter 14 Part 3 <<